Patient Survey Results 2022

We value our patients time and experience, that’s why we ask our patients to reflect on the service and care they have received from our practices by completing a survey twice a year.

The feedback from these surveys can provide a valuable source of information about the patient experience, what users think about their recent care and treatment, and inform us on the progress, improvement of care providers and the level of quality care these services provide.

In our surveys we ask patients their experience of access to GP surgeries, making appointments, the quality of care received from GPs, nurses and/or other clinicians, satisfaction with communication and experience of their treatment and/or services.

Face-to-Face appointments

  •   77%  of patients had a face to face appointment

Who did patients see?

  •   60%  of patients saw a GP
  •   23%  of patients saw a nurse
  •   17%  of patients saw another clinician

Overall Experience

  •   78%  of patients were happy with the care they received
  •   73%  of patients were happy with their overall experience

Themes and Outcomes:

Our survey found that the telephone system and patient access to their surgery was a recurring theme.  We have since installed a new telephone system to improve services.

Face to Face Appointments
Happy with Care provided
Overall Experience